SPEAK: Speech Professional Education Alliance of Kentucky

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SPEAK 2015 will be the first year of the SPEAK Locally initiative, which will rotate year-to-year with the annual conference.

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Appalachian Region
Coaches' Meeting                      10/10  Cracker Barrel,
                                                                            Morehead   11:30 AM
Judge Training                           10/10  Rowan County High School,
                                                                            Morehead   2 PM

Bluegrass Region
Coaches' Meeting                       10/29  Joe Bologna's,
                                                                             Lexington   7 PM
Judge Training # 1                     11/12  Danville HS   7 PM
        Judge Training # 2                     11/16  SCAPA Bluegrass 6:30 PM

Bowling Green Region
Coaches' Meeting  # 1 10/10  Mariah's,
      Bowling Green   2 PM       
Coaches' Meeting # 2 10/14  Mariah's
    Bowling Green   6 PM
Judge Training Katy Cecil will do so by video.
                                                                Contact her for full details.

Louisville Region
Coaches' Meeting                         9/29  Café Mimosa  7 PM,
and Judge Training 1543 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY
After dinner we will retire to the
nearby home of Rosemary Cundiff-
  Brown for coffee, dessert and
judge training. 

Murray Region
Coaches' Meeting                        9/24  Murray High School, 
Murray   5:30 PM
Judge Training                             TBA

Northern Region
Coaches' Meeting                         9/13    McAlister's Deli, 
                                                                                Crescent Springs  2 PM

Judge Training #1 10/24   Boone County HS library,
                                                                                 Florence  2 PM   

Judge Training #2                        2/9       Ryle HS library,
                                                                                  Union   6 PM 

Upper Kentucky River Region
Coaches' Meeting                         10/24   Hazard High School 2 PM
Judge Training                               11/5     Hazard High School 5:30 PM


In 2008, after seeing a drop in participation numbers at the KHSSL
State Tournament, a group of Kentucky's most active high school
speech and debate coaches met during the Kentucky National
Forensic League District Tournament's first round.  As a result of
that meeting, SPEAK first organized in 2008 in Nicholasville courtesy
of a grant from the National Forensic League.  Plymouth High
School (Indiana) coach David McKenzie was the keynote speaker at
this event.  Krista Kohl, Jim Combs, Erika Stevens, Rachel Page,
Molly Seifert, and Steve Meadows were the officers elected at the
meeting or thereafter.

Over the next three years, SPEAK produced an informational
brochure and had an officers' meeting while continuing to encourage speech education statewide.  In 2011, the Kentucky National Forensic League absorbed SPEAK into its outreach program and asked the Kentucky High School Speech League, the Kentucky Educational Speech and Drama Association, and the Kentucky Catholic Forensic League to co-sponsor the first SPEAK Conference -- the Speech Professional Education Alliance of Kentucky.  With the support of Dr. Deanna Sellnow and the Division of Instructional Communication at the University of
Kentucky, SPEAK 2011 became a reality with 75 attendees and
high praise from all involved.  SPEAK is now an annual event sponsored by KYNFL and co-sponsored by KHSSL, KESDA, and KCFL.  Its goal is simple --excellence in speech education for all.

Initial funding for SPEAK was provided by the 

SPEAK is managed and sponsored by the Kentucky District of  the National Speech and Debate Association.  Contact Kentucky Chair Steve Meadows of Danville High School for more information.

and co-sponsored by the  Kentucky High School Speech League,  the Kentucky Catholic Forensic League  (Louisville diocese), and  the Kentucky Educational Speech and Drama Association.   The bi-annual conference is hosted by the Division of Instructional Communication and Research in the College of Communication and Information at the University of Kentucky.